In the wake of COVID-19, we are MOVING TRAINING ONLINE. Online sessions will be engaging and interactive. They will be conducted in small groups. Our goal is to establish a long-term relationship with participants and as per original plan, we will conduct Face-to-Face monthly events post-training. Exact schedule and plan will be shared with selected participants closer to start dates. More updates coming soon!

Many ideas don’t see light of the day. We provide an opportunity to give your ideas a chance and help you kickstart your entrepreneurial efforts.

Idea to Startup Lab is a first of its kind training program tailored for aspiring entrepreneurs in India. This hands-on training program combines cutting-edge practices from management, entrepreneurship, design thinking and academic research.

Applications received till April 30th, 2020.

Selection is on a rolling basis. We request you to apply early.

Why IS Lab?

Get closer to implementing your idea

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So, you have an idea? What next?

Join ISLab, a pre-accelerator to nurture your next steps in building a successful startup.

We support your efforts in taking your idea closer to implementation.

You will receive training over a span of five months (June 2020 – October 2020), in a classroom setting at Hyderabad.

The training will be offered on 8 weekends during the months June 2020 – October 2020.

Detailed training schedule that includes exact dates and location with be shared with selected participants closer starting date.

This training is offered as part of research project and is a non-profit initiative by Entrepreneurship faculty at ISB & Bocconi.


Transformation begins right from first session

Whatever your level or stage, we’ll help you to accelerate the journey of your idea.


    Benefit from our participant-centered learning methodologies, hands-on workshops and smaller class sizes for efficient interactions.


    Use your time wisely, attend our sessions on weekends. Receive insights from academic research and expert practitioners.


    Continue to be part of ISLAB after completion of training. After the training sessions end, you are invited to participate in our monthly events.


    Increase your networking opportunities and grab a chance to pitch your idea to investors on the demo day to be conducted during early 2021.


    Receive a certificate of participation on successful completion of our programme.


Should I apply?


If you have an idea and aspire to be an entrepreneur then you can apply. Especially if you are looking for business knowledge to take further steps towards implementing your idea, then please go ahead and apply.

There are no educational background pre-requisites.

The program is open to any sector startups.


Yes, each individual involved in developing the idea further is eligible to participate.

Sure, solo founders can also apply. Entrepreneurs can choose to continue the journey
on their own or add team members later on.

Startup Phase

Yes. You may incorporate it during the program.


Application Process

There are four steps.
i. Fill in the apply form
ii. Respond to the Consent
iii. Send your Idea template
(we can not proceed for evaluation if you do not complete the first three steps)
iv. Evaluation and confirmation
Please refer the Application Process for more clarity.

You should only submit one idea that you intend to develop. You are welcome to apply the content of the course to more than one idea or change idea throughout the course. However, each applicant should only submit one business idea.


Please email us:

Training & Participation

About the program

This training program wants to facilitate the process of implementing ideas that lead to startups. We deliver business knowledge that is proven to enhance idea implementation abilities. Idea to startup program aims to further explore the business practices that are more conducive to improving startup performance and productivity. We observe that majority of ideas do not move beyond enthusiastic sharing among close networks or suffer quick dismissal. Individuals do not often take them to implementation phases for numerous reasons. Our goal is to cater to this need at large.

The training programme is offered free of charge. This training is offered as part of a research project and is a non-profit initiative by Entrepreneurship faculty at ISB & Bocconi and is funded by ISB. We are able to cover ONLY the training fee.
Travel, lodging and food expenses must be borne by the participants.

The programme has eight sessions spanning a period of five months.

The 8 sessions at Idea to Startup training will be delivered on weekends: Saturdays or Sundays. You will be allocated to either sessions on Sunday or Saturday. The sessions will be conducted online. (Training is moved online in the wake of COVID-19)

The applicant can indicate her/his preference for either one of the cycles (Saturday or Sunday), but it is not possible to know to which session she/he will be assigned to, until closer to the start date.

For organisational reasons, once assigned to a cycle and a session, it is not possible to switch or make any changes to the allocated schedule.

After the 8 core sessions, participants will be invited to exclusive monthly events focused on specific topics and to a final demo day with investors in early 2021. Only those who attend at least 6 sessions out of 8 will be invited to monthly events and the final demo day.

The training will comprise of 8 sessions. Each session will be three-hour long and will be conducted in small groups with 1:25 facilitator-entrepreneur ratio.

These sessions will be conducted on weekends during the months of June to October. They will be scheduled either on Saturday or Sunday. (*In case of any changes in schedule, participants will be notified through email.)

Training has been moved online, so no travel will be necessary. Future events post-training will be conducted in Hyderabad and they will be face-to-face interactions. Travel, lodging and food expenses must be borne by the participants.

We want to ensure a high quality learning experience

  • Online sessions will be synchronous and live
  • participants will be divided into smaller groups (approx. 25-35 entrepreneurs in each group). In this way each participant will have the opportunity to interact with everyone and get direct feedback from the instructor.
  • We will continue our engagement post-training by conducting monthly events whenever possible. These events will be aimed for face-to-face interactions.

The list of instructors is currently being finalised and it will be available after the completion of second round of applications on the website. All instructors have substantial expertise in business training and coaching, especially with start-up and SMEs. Most of them have a proven record running companies or mentoring companies and all of them have a dynamic and interactive approach to teaching

The training material has been developed jointly by academics from Bocconi University and Indian School of Business.


Participation to all sessions is strongly encouraged for making the most out of the programme. However, participants are allowed to skip up to 2 sessions out of the 8 core sessions. A higher number of missed classes will not allow to continue with the programme. This will imply that it will not be possible to access course materials, receive the final certificate of participation as well as taking part in the (by invitation-only) monthly events and in the Idea to Startup training demo day.

Yes. We encourage team members to join the sessions. At times, one person could not join, but the rest of the team can fill in for them.

Upon successful completion of this course, your startup will earn a certificate of participation.

No, but there will be a final demo day with an opportunity to meet potential investors.

Privacy & Confidentiality

NO. Each participant will decide autonomously regarding the extent to which they wish to participate in the class discussion and whether they want to keep a more active or passive role. Each participant will decide which information he/she wants to share with the class. We encourage you NOT to share any confidential information, which is certainly something NOT required in order to participate and make the most out of the business programme.

All data collected in the context of this project will be used exclusively in anonymized and aggregate form for academic research purposes and in the public interest. None of your data will be shared with other parties except the ones directly involved in the project (i.e. ISB and Bocconi University). Data will be encrypted and stored on our (restricted-access) IT infrastructure. The two academic institutions involved in this project adopt the highest research ethics standards for managing and protecting data, which is a core part of their regular activities. Their outstanding reputation in the research domain speaks for their commitment to ensure that data will only be used to gather general insights on the quality of the programme delivered for academic research purposes and in compliance with GDPR regulations and for no other purpose. We would be very happy to provide more detail on our research and the use of data, should you find it useful.

Academic Support

Faculty at Indian School of Business, in collaboration with faculty at Bocconi University, will provide their world-renowned expertise in the field of management and entrepreneurship to deliver cutting-edge business knowledge to aspiring entrepreneurs with ideas in nascent phase.

The programme is free of charge!

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Anand Nandkumar

Associate Professor of Strategy & Entrepreneurship
Indian School of Business

Anusha Sirigiri

Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship
Indian School of Business

Arnaldo Camuffo

Professor of Business Organization
Bocconi University

Alfonso Gambardella

Professor of Management
Bocconi University

Chiara Spina

Incoming Assistant Professor at INSEAD
Doctoral Candidate in Management Bocconi University

Danilo Messinese

Doctoral Candidate in Management
Bocconi University

Application Process

These are the steps followed during the selection process.

Step 01


Provide your Name, Surname, Email ID, Phone Number, Name of Start-up and Day Preference for the training.

Step 02


After you submit STEP 1, you are redirected to the consent form. Please read carefully and provide us a response.

Step 03


Download Idea template in the page you are redirected to or in the email you receive. Send the filled template to ( as early as possible.

Step 04*


ISLab will look into your Business Idea template and will send you a short survey for additional details and will have a brief call with you.



Dates & Location

The training programme has 8 classroom sessions, each one lasting 3 hours. Participants are expected to attend at least 6 of the 8 sessions.

The programme will be delivered on weekends, Saturday or Sunday.

When filling in the form below, you will be invited to indicate your preference for either one of the two cycles.

Classroom sessions will be conducted in Hyderabad, in or around ISB campus, Gachibowli. Exact location will be shared with selected participants closer to start date.



Step 01